Child•cor was birthed from a profound desire to help children develop in a well-rounded and balanced manner while learning how to grow their sense of self-worth at a young age.

I am an educator who is deeply passionate about the well-being of children and this made me fall out of love with teaching science of gravity and arithmetic to children. At inception, I created Child•cor as a children’s wellness program that combined yoga, dramatic arts, and creative meditative practices to build confidence and promote well-being for children.  

The program’s aim was to provide child participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage stress and foster an improved sense of self at a young age.  

Before starting Child•cor, my personal journey as a teacher made me realize just how much of a gap there was in proper child development. Not only have I had some of the most disconcerting experiences with children all over the world, I realized just how much support children needed to help them grow their self-confidence.

As a teacher, I have taught in New York State, Budapest, Hungary, Shanghai, China and currently Erlangen, Germany.  Child•cor has been in existence for several years and the program has consisted mainly of 2-hour Saturday classes in both New York and Shanghai. This period has brought many life-changing experiences which I explain in further detail in “Founder’s Story”.  

Not only do I still see a great need to promote well-being for children, I now see an even greater need to connect children worldwide on common issues to better understand one another, our cultures, traditions and beliefs, creating a more internationally minded youth; while educating us as adults on how to best support our children to be the most successful they can be. 

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That’s not all! I will be posting some of my most favorite articles and videos centered around popular issues with children and I would be absolutely honored to have you weigh in.

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We’ve got big plans ahead and we look forward to having you!