Screen time can be bonding time?

“ "One of the things I suggest in the book is that kids should be starting on social media much younger," he says. And, play more video games with your kids, too.”

I’m skeptical. I can’t lie. However, I’m a bit sold here…

“How are we going to maintain those positive things, the compassion, ethics, good social skills and intimate relationships, if we're teaching them to live in a world that doesn't look like the world they're living in?”

…as I write my BLOG and create an ONLINE program for children! ;-)

This article intrigued me. My daughter plays with a specific doll that has unrealistic proportions (wink, wink) and loves princesses. I get the eye roll often by other moms. I have to say this unrealistic proportioned doll has brought up more wonderful conversations between my daughter and me than I ever thought possible.

Could Mr. Shapiro be onto something?

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