Is My Child's Anger Something I Should Worry About?

I know as a mother, when a writer states, “If you check “yes” to more than three of these boxes, then…..”, I panic. As I check the boxes one by one and get closer to three, I start to say, “Well, maybe…not really….my daughter doesn’t really check this box.” Not to worry. If your child checks some of these boxes, there’s help and THAT is normal. In this article, discusses if your child’s anger is normal, what signs to look for, it’s root and what to do about it.

On a personal note, what resonated with me in this article were anxiety, behavioural approaches and learning disorder. I remember, so vividly, in the 4th grade, I was given a 13 page religion test. Yes, 13…in the 4th grade! My brain couldn’t handle it. It was far too overwhelming. The Bible sat on my desk as a resource (and a prayer). My anger finally exploded and I threw the Bible off my desk. Well, you can imagine how my religion teacher felt about me in that moment. I was angry because I was confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.

In addition, dealing with anxiety stirred up many emotions, but often, anger. When I was in a terrible panic attack, I couldn’t listen well. I needed quiet. I needed peace. If you were consistently talking to me in that moment, I would likely walk away or hang up the phone.

In neither case was I being heartless, rude or disrespectful, but what was happening underneath went deeper. It was anger fuelled by anxiety and a reading comprehension disability.

So was my anger “normal”? Maybe not. These are some of the personal experiences that actually led me to Childcor. As I’ve said before, the best comfort is working with someone who has been through it themselves. One of my aims is to help as many children possible who deal with anxiety. I get it. I understand. Point being, I overcame anger, anxiety, and learning disorders, all by using different behavioural approaches, as suggested in this article and your child has a multitude of resources to manage it too.

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