The Evolution of International Mindedness

“International Mindedness”…if I had to choose the shortest phrase possible to describe my own passions and goals for Childcor, it would be summed up into those 2 words. Having worked in international schools since 2011, this article resonates deeply with me. I hope it will for you too!

“… embraces knowledge about global issues and their interdependence, cultural differences, and critical thinking skills to analyse and propose solutions. International mindedness is also a value proposition: it is about putting the knowledge and skills to work in order to make the world a better place through empathy, compassion and openness - to the variety of ways of thinking which enrich and complicate our planet. “

“Solutions to world problems are highly political, and rely on an enlightened view of interdependence whereby the notions of territoriality, national supremacy and economic advantage are replaced with complementarity, collaboration and compromise.”

“Appreciating cultural diversity within and between nations, and the multiple perspectives which arise from it, is fundamental to international mindedness.”

I could go on and on with quoting my most favorite sections of this piece, but I will invite you to enjoy the read and highlight your own. Finally, let me end with my sincere gratitude for Comenius’ efforts to end “uniformity in content and approach” in an effort to educate people to become “all-knowing”.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reflections and experiences with teaching international mindedness.

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