Child•cor is an all-inclusive and multifaceted company created to support a child's well-being and provide their parents, teachers and those that love them with the knowledge and inspiration to support their success; socially, emotionally and academically.

Have you found yourself thinking:

My child suffers from anxiety and I am not sure how to support them.

I wish my child understood his/her potential, as I see it.

I want my child to enjoy life and appreciate each day.

I want them to feel successful regardless of what they do.

I want to give them strategies to avoid the inevitable problems in life.

I want my child to be healthy; physically and mentally.

My hope is that my child has a strong sense of inner peace that they can sustain through life’s challenges.

I want them to know that they can create the life they want for themselves all on their own.

I hope my child has a respect for nature and humanity, and feels a responsibility to be supportive.

I want my child to feel satisfied and yet challenged in life.

In light of some not-so-peaceful events that have been going on in our world, I've taken this past year to use my best effort to make an impact. I started Child•cor, a children´s wellness program, five years ago. As a follower of well-being for my age group I became engaged on a daily basis, with mental, emotional and physical well-being practices. What I began to wonder was what would the future look like if we created these practices for children? Wouldn't it make perfect sense to educate the youth of our world and raise them with an attitude of gratitude, humility, practicing kindness and generosity and support international mindedness? We may not be able to fix the present but we can surely fix the future. I have noticed over the years, as an elementary school teacher in several countries all over the world, that many children have time constraints with all the wonderful additional activities they engage in. Therefore, with the use of technology, I am working to spread a message to children worldwide building bridges of peace between cultures and promoting well-being for all via an online program that is easy to follow, easy to access and easily affordable. The program will also provide child participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage stress and foster an improved sense of self at a young age. The program will include a variety of activities focusing on topics such as gratitude, resilience, anxiety, anger, global mindedness and many more.

This is simply my passion and I hope it impacts our future. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for updates on the launching of the program. In the interim…

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Additionally, we provide an interactive platform through a blog, which is a library of my personal favorite articles, to act as a discussion board where childcare professionals and parents can share best practices, ideas and experiences which, in turn, acts as a resource for those who love kids!  We invite you to ask questions, and share your ideas and experiences, as well.

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